Two or three linked cap letters should be interpreted as first name initials

The style for first names are



X. Y.

But often they are entered as XY.

Imagine a name:

Dow, JH

Endnote format it as Dow, J.

Whereas in most cases, it should be Dow, J. H.

It will be nice to have an option in preference to allow two or three successive cap letters should be interpreted as first name initials.


Then how would endnote distinguish between full names which many of the humanities use, and initials?  

 If you like, you can edit a style to show full first name, which would display the initials as they are. As long as you never enter full firstnames, is will look okay, but some would be spaced, and others with no space and no way to convert between styles that require full stops or spacing. 

Per your message here, then this is due to an import problem, and  should be reported to the Tech Support people with the details of what you are importing from where and in which version of Endnote or if it is Endnote Web.