Un-removable attachments


I am using EndNote X7 on Windows platform for my company’s journal database. 

After importing RIS from Zotero, there are some attachments that cannot be removed (please see attachment). 

May I get some advice on how this can be done please? 



If you have just a few problematic Endnote records you can open each one, scroll down to the File Attachments field and delete the contents. However, if you have to correct a large number of records you can:

**Suggest you back up your library before proceeding.**

  1. Create a new Endnote library.
  2. Import the Zotero RIS file into the new Endnote library using the attached modified Refman RIS import filter. (The filter was changed so the “L1” tag affiliated with the Endnote File Attachments field is “ignored” during the import process.)
  3. You can then delete the problematic Endnote records from your library and copy the records from the new library into the original library.

Note: if you don’t have the Zotero RIS file just select the problematic Endnote records and export them using the Refman (RIS) Export output style file. Then create a new Endnote library and use the modified Refman RIS import filter to import the records.

RefMan RIS_ignoreFile Attachments.enf (45.1 KB)

Thank you very much!!