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Unable to import (merge) an EndNote library into an existing library.  Both libraries have been ‘recovered’, initially thinking that was the issue.  Both libraries reside off the C Drive (as shallow as I can get for the directory structure).

No errors were ever given when dragging & dropping or attaching PDF files to either library.

Going deeper, I now see that file attachments aren’t launching.  The PDF file names vary in length, but one that’s not launching is named 4st.pdf.

Please help or advise!  This is dissertation material that’s at stake.


Based on the behavior that you’ve described, it sounds like one or more file attachments are missing from the library that you’re trying to import.  You can click through the library records and remove the links that no longer work, as doing so should allow you to import the library records afterward.  If you don’t want to hunt for broken links, and aren’t interested in transferring the file attachments, you can export the records found within this problematic library to a text file and import that into your other library-

  1. Open the problematic library in EndNote.

  2. Select “File>Export…”.
       a.  Select “RefMan (RIS) Export” as the output style.
       b.  Enter a file name, and save the file to a convenient location such as your Desktop.

   c.  Make sure “Export Selected References” is not checked.

   d.  Click “Save”.

3.  Open the library that you’d like to import these references into.

4.  Select “File>Import…”.

    a.  Click the “Choose File” button and select the text file you just created.
    b.  Under “Import Option” select “Reference Manager RIS”.
    c.  Click the “Import” button.

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