Unable to connect to PubMed (NLM)

All of the sudden, I am unable to connect to PubMed. I’m running EndNote X7.8 for Mac

The error message is:

Unable contact the online database.

Check that your internect connection is working. Or contact the database’s vendor for availability.

Well, internet is fine and I’m pretty sure PubMed still works! Other servers seem to work fine. 

I tried updating Endnote and that didn’t help. Next, I downloaded the connection file and saved it. No help. 

Try the instructions here?  It fixed it for one of my colleagues.  Another one reinstalled endnote and that fixed it for him.  


Hi, this fix doesn’t change the same issue (same error message, same EndNote version, Mac) for me.  Any other options? Presume the change to PubMed site isn’t the cause otherwise I’d see many more queries similar to mine!

I have the same problem.

Any solutions?

I have the same problem. 

Any solutions?