trouble connecting to database (pubmed)

Choosing Online search, I cannot get a connection with pubmed (or other databases, but pubmed is the one I need). All I get is the message “Connecting to host…”, but it never does. I have the latest updated (X6) version, and I have opened the firewall to the program file. Should I make other changes in the firewall? Could it help to download other connection files (but I cannot find Pubmed in the list of available downloads)?

Grateful for help!


I’m assuming you’re not using a trial version of EndNote that has expired, and that you have a relatively good and fast Internet connection. It’s unclear from your message but after clicking “Onliine Search” from the EndNote toolbar, you need to first select the PubMed (NLM) connection file from the pop-up “Choose a Connection” dialog box. If you do not see  PubMed (NLM) listed, go to the EndNote support site to search/download the file or use the attached file.  To install, double-click the downloaded file.

If you are using the PubMed (NLM) connection file and still have problems, suggest: 1)  trying at different hours to see if there’s any improvement; 2) if you’re on a network suggest contacting your network administrator.
PubMed (NLM).enz (7.14 KB)

Thanks for your reply!

It seems that a local network problem was the cause of my problems. 

Hi all,

I’m having the same problem. I updated EndNote X7 yesterday and since I did, I can’t connect to any of the remote hosts. When I try to use, for example, the Britihs Library search (as I always do), it says ‘Connecting to host’ and then it times out. Any ideas? I have a fully-paid-for version of endnote, I’m runnning it on a year-old Mac, and I have a very fast and reliable internet connection.


At least in my case, it is not about any local network issue. I have both a mac book pro and a mac book air, both are under the same local network, one runing Endnote 6, and another running Endnote 7. Only the one running Endnote 7 has this pubmed connection issue. Of course I tried re-installing the connection file with no avail. 

I even e-mailed to the Thompson customer service about this problem several monthes ago, but did not get any reply from them.  

several months ago?  – I would pick up the phone to see if you can get a resolution.