Unable to open Endnote Library

Has anyone experienced this situation and have a solution to it?

My colleagues and I are having trouble opening an Endnote library. We use the library on a regular basis and have been doing so for several years.

The way we set it up:

It is saved on a folder in Dropbox so that my colleagues and myself are able to access the library and add to it. It is synced across 5 computers through Dropbox.

There is just one particular endnote library that we are having trouble opening and it comes up with this error message:

"Database error. Please verify that no other user has this library open simultaneously with write access.

If error persists…"

This occurs when only one of us is trying to open the library (we check all other users have not got it open on their computers).

I have just been reading and it appears that Endnote is not compatible with dropbox, however we haven’t had any issues until now, and i wondered whether there have been any improvements made to Endnote since as many people use dropbox to share and sync files.

Most of us are using Endnote 5, and one of us is using Endnote 7. Not sure if that makes any difference?

You are correct that EndNote is not compatible with Dropbox. Keeping a library in a Dropbox location can corrupt a library. See this article for more information:


If a library has become corrupted, we suggest copying the .enl file and associated .Data folder out of the Dropbox folder and repairing as outlined in this article:


The issue occurs if the library is open in EndNote while Dropbox is synchronizing. As a workaround, we suggest using EndNote synchronization feature. The feature is available in EndNote X6 (16) and X7 (17), but not EndNote X5 (15).

Thanks for your reply.

Does the endnote synchronisation allow for multiple users to synchronise the same library on multiple computers?

Can we also synchronise several libraries?

Synchronization is designed to be used with one library and a single email account across multiple computers. For more information on Synchronization, please see this video:


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that is very limiting.

Will Thomson Reuters develop a new version that is compatible with Cloud storage?? Many researches will eventually start using other referencing and citation programs that are more user friendly…