Unable to sync with my office computer

This is more of a complaint rather than a question, because I have given up with Endnote online. Endnote alone is great, but your online product is full of problems.

I have been unable to sync a home computer with an office computer. Along the way I have watched every YouTube video I could find on the issue and combed these message boards. I have deleted the online library, re-synced it, and had it erase my home library. (Luckily I had saved a backup.)

Today I again re-set the online library, reloaded my references from home, then went to the office to try to open the shared library. “There are no libraries shared with this account.”

Previously I had shared my Endnote libraries via Google Drive, and I am going back to that method.

Joseph Graf

American University

Anyone please? Have the same issue

Having the same problem now… no answer yet