migrating to new Mac need help finding my old term lists

I recently upgraded to a new MacBook and decided not to move my old applications from my old Mac to prevent later headaches. I then purchased the upgrade to EndNote X2 and intalled that on the new MacBook. Next, I moved my primary .enl library from my old Mac and my “my name”-converted.data folder over (not sure I even needed the latter item, but thought it may help). Upon opening my library in X2, I noticed that all of my modified term lists with tons of journal abbreviations and author names were all gone (everything I enter is red and there is no quick entry since the program thinks it is starting over anew).

Since I migrated my old user account to the MacBook, I figured this would bring over application elements like this, but this does not appear to be the case. Can anyone out there tell me where my modified term lists on my old mac for my last version of Endnote would be found, and how can I bring them into version X2??

It turns out I managed to loose my term lists in my old library before the transfer was made. Luckily, I had another library that contained most of what I needed so I exported the lists out of that library and into the new one. For those who may be asking a similar question, all term list data lives in the .Data folder that should be near your .enl file. There is also an faq on the support pages for migrating that states the safest way to do this is to compress the library first and then open the compressed file on your new computer.