Undo Function


I am thinking about using Endnote X4 but there are still some unsolved problems I have:

First, I can not use the SAVE, SAVE AS, or UNDO Functions? I am using Windows 7… is this a problem?

So if I make a mistake, I have no possibility to undo it, because Endnote saves automatically?

Second, I am not sure if the option with relative links is good to trust, because if I cant use a filetree there is not possibility to switch, in case its necessary, to any other software. So I am restricted to use the possibilities regarding classification from Endnote? Is there a way to circumvent this, if I use absolute links than I am also restricted concerning moving files to other folders?

Thanks for any help or advice!


Stephan :smiley:

I am not sure why you can’t use the functions in word 2007?  The usual problem with undo, is that there are a large number of steps you must undo after endnote inserts and formats a citation/bibliography.  Using endnote with CWYW turned off (an option in the format bibliography dialog, accessible from the “drop-down” arroow I believe) allows you to undo more easily, as long as you haven’t run the format bibliography manually.   Unless something has changed significantly in the Endnote implementation in 2007/2010 from 2003, there is no “autosave” triggered by Endnote. 

You could start with absolute links (option in preferences) and later convert/copy them to relative links if you want to move the library.  You can also access the files from the endnote relative folder structure directly, although you obviously wouldn’t want to move them or change their filenames.  However, if you use the "find full text "option to retrieve the PDFs, Endnote will placed those files in the relative folders as there is no way to automatically specify a different “absolute” folder location.  The only way to assign existing PDFs to records, is to drag and drop them into the record or onto the record listing in the library display, or to use the tools to attach the PDF, one by one. 


thanks for your reply!

I meant the Functions (Save, Undo) directly at the standalone version from Endnote X4. I think its very convenient to use the Boolean search functions combined with full text search… but its very sensitive without save and undo…

I would propose to introduce the possibility to change the relative folder, that would be good… or even the possibility to change the filename itself (they are very short)…



I assume you mean the “feature” which imports all the records as a result of the search?  I always do my searches in the “online mode” and not in the initial default mode, so I can pick and choose the refs I want incorporated into my library. 

I suggest you frame the assignment of a relative folder location (although then it wouldn’t be relative?) as a suggestion in that forum.