Manually edit PDF locations on drive?

I recently moved my PDF library from one drive to another. However now the links in Endnote X2 are of course broken. I would like to be able to just search/replace the drive name in my EndNote library but this does not seem to be possible. Short of manually relinking all PDFs (several thousand), how could I do this?

One option I have considered is exporting the library, opening the file in a word processor, and changing the text there. However, if I reimport this, the record numbers will of course be changed and all manual formatting lost, so I would rather not do this.

any suggestions are appreciated!

Can you temporarily move them back to the original location?  If so, you can convert absolute paths to relative paths and Endnote will go and copy them to the PDF folder.  Names remain similar, but they end up in a subfolder structure. 

In addition to the Leanne’s suggestion, this thread may help.

Unfortunately I cannot move them back, but that would not have helped. I don’t want to use relative paths as I don’t want to keep my PDFs on the same drive as my EndNote library; they are all neatly sorted by journal so I can find the PDF I want without even opening EndNote.

It is quite frustrating that I cannot simply search/replace the necessary text.

Thanks anyhow!