problems with PDF Quick view

I just moved my X5 from my old Windows 7 computer to a new one.

When I moved all my pdfs and the file containing the information from my pdf library, many of the pdf (which were great in my old PC) now give me the following message (this is only one example)

The following file could not be opened. This may occur for a number of reasons including, but not limited to: the file is corrupt or the relative link was deleted.

File C:\Acroread\Papers\Papers pdf.Data\PDF\2006 OE 33 483-494-2700276485\2006 OE 33 483-494.pdf

Based on my analysis of the help, it seems that the pdf link is not absolute. However, during the original import of the pdf folder, the program never asked me if I wanted absolute or relative linkage to my pdfs.

The problem now is that I cannot see most of my pdfs which is one of the features why I selected Endnote as citation program. Without that, the program is next to useless for me.

I would greatly appreciate if anybody could provide me a simple way to recuperate my links without having to import the folder again as I had to make a lot of corrections to the citations since the program was not able to read the old pdfs.

Many thanks


Are they all in the folder you gave in your example on the old system?  If so, create that folder structure on the new system? 

My other suggestion would be to sort your library on the “last updated” field (which you may have to adjust your preferences so it show up in the “display fields” setting) and delete the old unchanged references and copy library to new temporary name.  Adjust the old library to convert to the relative PDF links, and then move it and import the new temporary library into the old library, with discard duplicates OFF.  Then go thru the duplicates (refs>find duplicates) and discard the old copy keeping the newer edited copy.  They will get new record numbers, but endnote is now pretty clever about linking to a similar record since X4.