UniSA Harvard Style - Create reference for Australian Bureau of Statistics

What reference type do I need to choose and what fields do I need to fill out to create a UniSA Harvard Style reference?


Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2010, Measures of Australia’s progress 2010, cat. no. 1370.0, ABS, Canberra.

I keep getting these abreviations and my cat no won’t appear:

(ABS), ABoS 2010, Internet Activity, Australia June 2018, Canberra

Try putting a comma at the end of the name:
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS),
EndNote will then treat it as a surname.

What field do you have the cat number in?  And I see  a title "Measures of Australia’s progress 2010" and in the output you see _“Internet Activity, Australia June 2018”  – _are you just not using the same example?  

 What is its current ref type?  

Good to know! This has solved the issue, I can move the other fields around so it formats how I wish.  Thank you.