"unlock" X7.2 from a synced account

Researchers at my university are interested in the potential for sharing libraries with EndNote X7.2; however we run into a problem if they want to use two different libraries each synced to a different account on the same computer.

For example, I might have my personal research in c:\Melinda’s Research\psychology of arson.enl, linked to my Swinburne email.

Then I might need one for a long-term team project with a different research focus, linked to a different email address.

However, I’ve not yet been able to unlock EndNote from my personal Swinburne email so that I can share and manage the second library.

I’ve tried enabling sync to the second library. The first library location persists even if I reset to EndNote defaults.

This is going to be a problem for people who share a computer, or have several projects or groups they work with.

Is there a way to “unlock” X7.2 so we can switch between libraries and have each associated with its own Online account?


Melinda Goodin

EndNote Help Team

Twitter: @SwinEndNoteTeam

Web: www.swinburne.edu.au/lib/endnote/welcome.html