Unwanted comma after title

Hi all,

I have a problem with the title of a book in Endnote X8. It has no author, but that should not be a problem, should it?

The title of the book is entered into Endnote like this, between the quotation marks: “VIIIth Congres - The Hague 1938, General Reports”

However, when I quote this title in my Word document, it inserts a comma behind the title in front of the publishers information which is between brackets (). Normally, this does not happen with books. 

I use a slightly edited form of the Chicago 16th Footnote style.

Anybody have any idea how to solve this issue/why the comma is there in the first place?

Thanks in advance!

Can you attach the slightly edited output style?  Is the problem in the footnote or the bibliography produced entry?  It is likely that the some field  with a comma needs  “forced separation” and possible “link adjacent” symbols  to avoid including the comma when the field is empty.