Template Problems: why does Endnote put a comma between Title and Secondary Title if there is not Author defined?

Dear forum members,

I have a very strange problem with a template for conference proceedings. Template is as follows:

Author-, Title| [Secondary Title] v. Date , Custom 1| <URL>

where - means the symbol for “link adjacent”

Now what endnote does is:

  • if there is no author, it puts a comma between Title and [Secondary Title]

I do not understand why. As I have linked Author and the comma with the “link adjacent” field, the comma should only be after the Author if there is one? Could this be a bug?

Can somebody help?

Could you please attach your output style? Also, did you check the individual reference record in your library to see if any misplaced comma appears at the end of the title in the Title field? 

I guess I would try the below.  The link adjacent is a kind of <space> to use when you don’t want spaces to appear when the field is empty.  – if you don’t want the comma, I think that is automatic, but to be sure, you need to isolate each field and associated punctuation with the “separation” characters which look like this: |  

|Author,-|Title-|[Secondary Title]-|v.-Date|,-Custom 1|-<URL>|

As CG says, it makes it easier if you attach your output style.  

Dear Master Guru,

I tried what Leanne suggested, but it didn’t work. Just help me out here: how do I attach the output style?

Thank you so, so much for your support.

Best regards from Heidelberg, Germany


Dear Leanne, thank you for your reply as well. Your idea didn’t work as well…I am now trying to figure out how to attach the output style to the forum…Can you help there?



I think I got it now how to attach the template list-the problematic template is the one for “Generic”.

Any help on my problem is really much appreciated, thank you so much!

Bluebook-Law Review Diss.ens (54.4 KB)

Thanks for the output style. Strange, but testing your style did not generate a comma between the Title and Secondary Title (absent the author). However, I did find a comma is generated when there is no author and no title. In this case you need to change the Anonymous Works setting in the output style from “Use full title in place of author” to:  Leave author blank.

If  you are still  getting a comma  between  the Title and Secondary Title (absent the author)  could you provide an actual example  of   the output display,   the name of the reference template you’re using, and   what appears  in the  reference templates  data fields.    

Thank you so, so much, that was indeed the solution! You are a genius.

Best, Anna

Depending on whether windows or mac, the output style (and .ens file) which you appear to have edited, and hopefully saved to a new name, is in your library or my documents folder in an Endnote/styles subfolder.  – when you are replying to a message, there is an Attachment - choose file box below – as indicated in the image I have attached.