Update large number of references for specific fields only?

Is there anyway to update a large number of references (7-8000) without having to save each individual change? Even better would be a way to pick only a single field to update (such as URL). 

I add a lot of metadata to records going into my library so I would not update all, but it would be nice to be able to select a field so update prior to starting. For example,  I add many refs prior to them having pg numbers. It would be nice to be able to update the pg number field by itself. And not have it ask me to save each change.

I can probably get around some issues by clearing out fields that I know will be available and then selecting update empty fields. Things like pg number, or keywords, URL, but that is taking a chance that the update will be able to find an update to these fields for each reference.

Any thoughts? thanks

At this time, there is no way to automate the Find Reference Update process as you have mentioned. Please see the following EndNote Product Suggestion post:


I will be sure to forward your comments to our internal team and you may want to note your ideas in the current suggestion forum topic posting.

Making “FInd Reference Updates” smarter and more automated is a good idea and something we are currently looking into. I am not sure about setting criteria for individual field. I ca see the utility but that might lead to a complicated UI or many options in Settings. Regardless, this is someting we can look into as well.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Well, the “update empty fields only” automatic update is not a problem (library/reference wise), since it does not destroy comments and custum added notes/research notes.

However, this “safe” option does not correct updated information already present in your record, doi, url, publ. date etc.

(In my opinion, the “update reference” reason for it’s excistence. Does adjust all those fields, but destroy’s your custom entries. Thus, when updating references it’s a kind of Sophies Choice. Keep your custom data or have non-updated parts in the record

The alternative is copy-pasting (according to the online classes), but though fun for one or two is quite cumbersome for 20.

So when your database is, in my case, contains ~5700 records, the update automation would be very much appreciated. Being able to have the option to include or exclude fields or replace-only, would be very useful.