find reference updates on Windows 7x64 pro crashes everytime I use it

I update approx 1000 references daily.  Previously I wrote a script that would just say okay to the prompt that asked if you wanted to update all fields so I wouldn’t need to sit infront of the computer all day answering the question (not optimal but it saved a lot of time).  Now that Find Reference Updates will do that I no longer use the script.  The problem is two fold

  1. when I indicate to Find Reference Updates EndNote inevitable crashes and since it only says “67 of 1000 references” instead of a reference number, I have no idea what reference it got up to - no I don’t want to count the references!

  2. I don’t really have a choice - I need to update the references, but most of  the time the first reference it finds to update the “Update empty fields only” button is greyed out.  IF I update all fields then the changes I made to the reference are mostly lost. 

The workaround to this is not acceptable either - delete some information in the first reference so the button is not greyed out.  This works, but is insane.  Why can’t the program have decent SQL query logic?  I want to be able to tell it to update all records unless the only update is to field x.  Or to just update all empty fields.

The fact that EndNote X8.0.1 continually crashes is a real albatross.  I can’t perform this part of my job function.  I am extremely tempted to use Zotero instead. (I would if it wasn’t for the fact we have an institutional license)

Suggestion to display record numbers when updating

I have been told by our IT people to never try to contact pubmed with more than 50 or 100 updates at a time, or we could be blocked as a possible “denial of service” attack on their website.  Maybe that is why it is crashing?  Pubmed is timing out the port?  

I tried doing it with less than 50 at a time.  This sometimes works, and sometimes crashes.  No consistancy whatsoever.  I just did one with 32 references and it crashed on #25. (“Not Responding”)

Well it was a good excuse while it lasted!  Sorry.