Updating PubMed References

Hello everybody,

one of our Endnote workshop attendants asked for a way to update references retrieved from Pubmed. Especially new articles, that are marked as “epub ahead of print” and that are already indexed in Pubmed, are missing bibliographic details such as volume, issue and pages. Pubmed updates these informations as soon as they are available.

I believe there is no possibility to update these references automatically. But i wanna ask if anyone has a better workaround than adding the reference again und removing your duplicates? Are there perhaps any plans for upcoming Endnote releases to adress this problem? As far as a can see it should be possible using PMID as an unique identifier cirteria to update these references. Citavi already offers such a service for books via ISBN-download and overwrites and/or replenishes your references.

Thanks for your replies.