epub ahead of print / update existing entries / automatic data entry based on PMID

Two related questions:

  • is it possible to enter the Pubmed ID (PMID) into the respective field and automatically enter all other available fields - as is done when importing a readable PDF with a doi? (see also Mendeley or Quosa).

  • is it possible to update an existing Endnote entry which has a PMID (Pubmed ID) and which doesn’t have the volume, issue, and pages information based on the PMID (I know I an do that manually, but after doing a couple, I wish this could be done automatically, what do we have computers for?)?

… I guess the answer is ‘not yet’

This is a highly-requested feature that we are currently working on for an up coming version of EndNote. We hope to have this available soon.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

The ability to update an existing record is  available in the latest version of EndNote. Sorry for the delay in posting an update.

 - Tilla, the EndNote team