Updating Styles

If there is a style that I want to check for updates on and, if available, download and install same, how do I do that?

Specifically I am interested in the style for MLA 8, since the one I did download prior was, and still is, I believe, considered in beta.


Chuck Billow

Go to the Endnote Output Styles section of the website to search and download the latest styles. You can access the webpage by either going to: 1) http://endnote.com/downloads/styles or 2) the Help section of the Endnote toolbar and clicking on “Endnote Output Styles”. Information on how to install the downloaded style is included on the webpage.

Note that the date and comments of the output style file to identify “freshness”. Checking the MLA 8 output style today (7/10/2017) shows the style remains in BETA format.

So then, CG, if the style is showing as last edited in June 2016, and is showing as a BETA style, how long would it usually take before the style becomes “final”?  That is the version I have, so is there any way to tell what if anything is keeping it “in beta”?



Those are questions to call and ask Tech Support I guess.  Other users here are unlikely to know the answer.