Pricing change in On The Hub?

Hi, I purchased Endnote X5 for Mac a few months ago, as X6 wasn’t available yet for the Mac. I was told at the time that I would be able to upgrade my copy for free, since X6 was widely available, just not on Onthehub. However, when I emailed customer support about how to get this upgrade, I was told that it wasn’t offered for free anymore. I’m currently feeling really outraged, since I wouldn’t have purchased X5 then, if I’d just have to pay again to upgrade to X6. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anyone to whom I can redirect this issue to? Thanks!


Anyone who purchased EndNote v. X5 on or after May 30, 2012 is entitled to a free upgrade to v. X6 for Win or Mac.  To receive the free upgrade, please send a scanned copy of an EndNote v. X5 sales receipt from May 30, 2012 or later to  We will then provide the free upgrade by email with electronic download instructions.

Thank you,

Randy Wright

Thomson Reuters

IP and Science

Sales Dept.