Urgent help: Trial Version X7 results issue

Hello guys,

please can someone help with my issue. I am new to forums so sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My trial version of X7 expired yesterday. Today when I went to use it, there was a problem with viewing the refrences that I have imported. It says that there are 527 refrences in the libary, but when tried to view them only 10 are visible. Also, the individual folder are only showing 10 refrences when I know that there should be more.

I have checked the website and it says that I should be able to view the references even after the trial period has ended. 

Does anyone know what has happened and how I can fix it?

thank you


Did you: 1) click to select “All References”; and 2) are viewing  the references from either the a) Local Library Mode or b) Integrated Library & Online Search Mode? (Refer to attached image.)

Yes to both of the above.

My full reference list states 525 references but when I try to view these references by clicking on all references it changes to showing references of which there are 10.

Please see attached screenshots.

endnote screen shot.xml (483 KB)

When you say “reference list” do you mean the list that’s generated in MS Word?

Sorry, but need to see a screenshot of your Endnote library from eyour desktop (e.g., like my prior example) – the XML file you attached isn’t informative. BTW, did you happen to move/change the location of  the Endnote library file (.enl) and/or corresponding .DATA folder?

I have attached screenshots so hopefully they work this time.

the first image shows the 525 refrencese, then when I click on it, as you can see in the second attachment, it goes to 10 refrence.


Thanks for the screenshots. Which operating system are you running on your computer?

I also found this information:

Library Name: My EndNote Library.enl
Location: C:\Users*****\Documents\My EndNote Library.enl
Last Saved: 02 May 2016 16:18:45
Records: 10
Custom and Smart Groups: 12
Reference Types Used: 1
Most used ref. types: Journal Article
File Attachments: 0
Figures: 0
Authors Term List: 893
Journals Term List: 211
Keywords Term List: 1356

I am on Windows 8


This might be a bug but it’s difficult to troubleshoot given your Endnote trial version has expired. However, the additional info you provided supports the notion that only 10 references are in the library. Suggest you bypass the forum and contact tech support as they may also be able to reconstruct your Endnote library.

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+1-800-336-4474, press 4

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I agree - call tech support.  All I can find on the feature restriction, suggest you should be able to view existing references, but  I found this, too 

Once the trial version has reverted to an EndNote Viewer, you can still use the program to open EndNote libraries, search, sort, and print references. The EndNote Viewer will not allow you to:

  • add references to libraries that contain more than ten records;
  • format more than 10 references in any document;
  • retrieve more than 10 references from a remote database;
  • export or print more than ten references at one time.