Upgrading from EndNote Viewer to full version (X3)


I have my full X3 version on order, but my demo version has just expired, leaving me with the Viewer version.

Opening my current EndNote file shows only 10 references, as is normal in the Viewer version, but I am worried that the other 49 references I had in the file will be lost when I upgrade to the full X3 version.  The current file says (59) by the “Library” link, implying that there are 59 references somewhere!!

Also (it could be because I am not doing it right), I tried to make a back-up copy of the file (unfortunately, once the demo version had already expired), but it won’t open and gives the following message “Windows cannot find C:[file name]. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again”.  This deepens my anxiety as to the integrity of the file and the references’ whereabouts.

Please help!


Are you able to locate your library’s .enl file and corresponding .Data folder?  If you’re able to locate them on your hard drive (and not by opening the EndNote program) you could copy them to a different location to keep them safe before installing X3.  Their location may depend on your operating system (e.g., Vista, XP) which may store them either in “My document” and/or the EndNote program folder.

It is never safe to store the files in the Program folder, as they could get deleted when you reinstall/uninstall! And with Vista and later op systems, the user doesn’t have write access to those folders.  Keep them elsewhere! I think your files are safe, by the way, especially since it is showing the full number.  Endnote won’t have deleted the other records, they are just not accessible from the demo version.  (Think of it as “holding them hostage”! :dizzy_face:)

If users have admnistrative privileges to their computer (as opposed to, say, networked or lcomputer ab-type of users), they will have access to the program folders.  But keeping EndNote libraries or other materials in a single location such as My Documents (or elsewhere as noted by Leanne) is good practice, especially for backup purposes. 

Worry Not…

This should be normal.  The Viewer version of the software only supports a very limited amount of references that you can VIEW.

Unless the Library is well and truly corrupted, to re-use the “hostage” reference, the “Viewer” mode of the software is holding your ability to view those records Hostage.

Opening the library with the full version, you should be able to see All of your records.

Please let us know if this is otherwise.