Remove an extra space before Place of Publication in Chicago Style (Mac)

I recently switched to Chicago style (footnote/bibliography) and noticed that the output style is leaving an extra space before the Place of Publication for Books in the bibliography. I cannot tell what needs changed. Does anyone who is more experienced with this see something in the template that needs changed?

Author. Title Prefix Title [in Language]| [Translated Title]|. Translated by Translator|. Series Title|. Edited by Series Editor|. Edition ed. Number of Volumes vols.| Vol. Volume,| Place Published|: Publisher, Year|. Type of Work|. doi:DOI|. Reprint Edition|. Original Publication|.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

see if this one works better. I played with some of the fields to fix a similar comma problem, but I may have fixed others.  Depends on what else is empty, too.  
Chicago 16th Footnote commaposition.ens (81.2 KB)