use number ranges for consecutive citations not working

  Hi members, 

     I am following a template created by a scientific journal. I used cite while you write add on for word-Mac 2011. However, my citation range does not work. Instead, citations appears as a single citation. For example, they appear as (1) (2) (3) (4), instead of (1-4). I open the edit style manager and YES the line “use number ranges for consecutive citations” is checked. I am out of ideas!!! Can someone help me please?


Please provide the version of Endnote you are using? Please attach your output style to your reply.  then we can look at it.  

Oh, and have you entered each citation as a separte insert and is there a space between the individual citaions?  remove the spaces, if so and reformat.  word likes to auto insert a space which is a pain.