USER ID For Databases

Hi I am currently working on a systematic review

(I thought EndNote would make this easier - seems like it creating more problems than it should)

I am trying to search the following databases:

-Web of Science





However, I require a USER ID and Password for the above

I am affiliated to the university of sheffield, but i haven;t found a method how to key in my university email address/password/login.

You should check with a university librarian to find out the procedure for accessing the online databases. Usually there’s a gateway portal established by the library which enables authorized university users to login then access particular databases or aggregate databases from which the library has a paid subscription.

Yes, I’ve got the same for King’s College London.  Can’t seem to get to a stage where I can give my uni login.  Spoke to the library and they had no ideas.  Does anyone else have any other tricks?