using my schools database via endnote


Brand new user here. I am interested if it is possible to use my schools access to various databases to search directly from endnote. eg pubmed cinahl etc. when I try to access the database it asks for user id, password and group id. I don’t know what to put in for group id. Also I just upgraded from trial to basic student x8 and when I have the program running on my mac OS 10 machine it keeps popping up a blank registration window. which I hit the “synch” button and then it goes away. Weird. Any and all advice and help is super appreciated.


You should check with your school’s library webpage or librarian for instructions on searching electronic databases. If your library has a subscription to the databases then usually faculty, students, and staff will be able to have access to search and retrieve references.

You can also search some of the databases such as Pubmed by using Endnote’s connection file or by going to the Pubmed website and performing a direct export. For information on connection files go to the Endnote toolbar, click Help and search for “connection files”. Refer to the Endnote training video “Direct Export from Pubmed”.

Since you are new to Endnote here are some resources which may help you learn about Endnote’s features:

Endnote training videos on YouTube

Endnote support– access to the searchable knowledge base

EndNote training resources and schedule of free webinars