User manual

I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a user manual for endnote. Apart from general overview, I’m looking specifically to find out how to adapt output sources. Occassionaly an APA output is not exaclty how APA says it should be, or it does not contain all the information it should. I know ow to get in and edit the output styles I need to edit - but so far I’m guessing at how they work and it is taking a long time to do it. Just wondering if there might be a manual or guide that show how to create or edit output styles using the ‘programing’ logic of the output styles.


There should be a PDF manual installed with endnote in the program folder endnote (Endnote.pdf and Gettingstartedguide.pdf).  The chapter in the first document, is pretty good, “Bibliographic Styles”.  If the manual didn’t get installed, you can download them from here (  and lots more info are more available from those support pages. 

On the whole, this group is pretty good if you upload a style you tweaked, that isn’t behaving exactly as you thought it would.  We can try to tweak it further to get what you need. 

Of course, it is no surprise that the University of Queensland has a tutorial on tweaking styles:


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