Using Cite While You Write with PowerPoint

Hello all,

Many of you have requested that Cite While You Write functionality be available for use with Powerpoint. We would like to better understand how to implement functionality that will meet the needs of our diverse user base. If you are willing to send a short sample PowerPoint presentation that illustrates how you currently cite references in a presentation, please send a private message and attach your example. (Note you may need to change the extension before attaching.)

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for using EndNote!

Best regards,

Sharon Ennis

Hi, it doesn’t seem to be possible to send attachments with private messages, so sending this as a reply. The jpg is a screen shot of a slide as the ppt was too large.

This was produced by straightforward copy/paste from preview. It would be nice if it was possible to insert citations “properly” and be able to produce a reference list for a talk and/or reformat citations on existing slides.