Using different Citation Styles in one Word Document?


When writing my papers I either use “In text Citations” (e.g. Weiss (2003) said that apples are green.), or End of Paragraph Citations. (e.g. Apples are Green. (Weiss, 2003). For both type of citations I actually need different Citation Styles.

So far I used the same stile (end of pargraph citations) for the whole paper, and after it has been finished I removed the Endnote field codes and manually changed the () of the In Text Citation, which is quite tedious.

Is there any workaroudn for that, e.g. using different citation styles in one Document? 

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You could use “Edit Citation” command from right click menu, and “Exclude author”. But this is still manual method. Endnote doesn’t have ability to use multiple styles in one docement. It won’t have such a capacity in the futuer because you need to tell each citation which style you want to use when you format.

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