Using EndNote for collaboration

We have recently created a guide to using EndNote for collaborative projects:

This is a complex issue, and one which regularly arises in this forum (as it did on the old EndNote listserv).

I would welcome input from people who have had experience in this area. What works for you? What doesn’t work?

Thank you John for once again sharing the wonderful Endnote work at University of Queensland. We also created instructions for collaboration with Endnote. The most interesting part of our project was interviewing various researchers to learn how they collaborate and how they use Endnote. Though many of our researchers collaborate with colleagues on campus, even within the same department, they were usually not on the same network. Overwhelmingly the message we heard was to keep it simple – these are researchers for whom Endnote is a tool to support their organization and publishing needs. They did not want complex solutions.  You can find our recommendations at: