Using possessives in citations

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get EndNote (I have v7 for PC) to show an in-text citation as a possessive?  That is, I want to write:  Dick’s and Jane’s (2011) model of …

The only way to achieve this is to type the possesive form and then rt click, edit citation and hide the authors.  

You can delete first your note in the other formum saying you would submit the question here, and then delete the original post?   

Thanks, Leanne.  I think I’ll stick with just typing the reference out, then, and using CWYW to put the ref in bibliography only.  Could be a good prouduct update to include in the edit citations window…  I’ll add the suggestion to that forum.  And yes, I wil go and delete my other post - sorry, I forgot!

Inserting the citation and then right clicking to edit the citation to hide the author names will insert the citation and add it to the bibliography.  You don’t have to add it manually to the bibliography. You just need to type the possesive form of the authors names. 

Recent versions of Endnote do allow you to switch a citation from (Author, Year) to Author (Year), but not to convert it to a possesive form. Hence my suggestion to hide the authors and type in exactly what you want there. 

For sure, thank you - yes, I simply add to bibliography only with CWYW - direct entries into the bib give me the heebie jeebies!