How can I edit the citation so that the reference starts a sentence?

Hi, I am new to Endnote and finding it challenging when I insert a citation it automatically brackets it (for use at the end of a statement) I am unable to remove the brackets as it just re inserts them. Advice please.

Many thanks


Can you give an example and the version of Endnote you are using?  do you want to say

“George et al (2010) showed…” This is easiest in EndNoteX5, put cursor in citation, right click and choose edit citation and choose "Display Author (Year)


In 2010, George and colleagues said…"   Type what you want and insert citation and then as above, edit citation,  hide both author and year in most versions of Endnote. 


“George and colleagues (2010) showed…” Type what you want, then as above but only hide the author.

Thank you for your reply. I have endnote x4 will the same apply? I want to write Gibbs and Biggs (2011)…but it inserts the whole reference in brackets ie (Gibbs & Biggs 2011) and won’t let me change it.

There’s a slight difference in X4 in that you’ll edit the citation to “hide” just the Author.

  1. Type the text into the document:  Gibbs and Biggs

  2. Insert the Gibbs and Biggs citation which results in this: Gibbs and Biggs (Gibbs & Biggs 2011)

  3. Place your cursor on the citation, right-click, select EDIT CITATIONS, EXCLUDE AUTHOR. This changes the citation to display just the year: (2011).

  4. The result now appears as: Gibbs and Biggs (2011)

Thank you crazy Gecko…you have saved my sanity for tonight!!!