Using the "Added to Library" Date Stamp field in a citation style

Dear experts

Is it possible to use the “Added to Library” Date Stamp field that is automatically populated when a new reference is added to an EndNote library in an output style?

Our referencing style requires that we add “[Online] Available from: URL [Accessed: Date accessed]” to all bibliography entries to electronic sources.

For example: Our bibliography output style for an web page is specified as follows:

Author. Year. Title.| [Online] Available from: URL |[Accessed: Access Date]|.

Currently, our EndNote users have to manually add an access date to the “Access Date” field of a reference entry for this date to be correctly included in an EndNote bibliography entry. It would be easier if the output style could be changed to automatically read the data in the “Added to Library” date Stamp field. Can this be done and if so, how?

Any advice would be appreciated.



Please accept our apology for the delayed response.

The “Added to Library” value is not a field you can currently add to an output style.

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consideration. I recommend that you submit any future requests through
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