v20 - please bring back Show/Hide selected references

Why on earth has version 20 removed the commands ‘Show selected references’ and ‘Hide selected references’.  These were really useful because it’s not always possible to select exactly the set of references you want by using search, for example if you want to change a field entry in a particular set of references.

I’m already regretting upgrading to v20 because it seems so much less flexible than earlier versions and so many useful commands have just disappeared for no apparent reason.


Completely agree!


This is one of my main bugbears about Endnote 20. It seems silly that we have lost functionality, and although there are ways to get around this issue, I don’t see why we should have to when this is supposed to be an upgrade.


Absolutely agree - this functionality was very useful and I feel lost without it. I know you can drag selected references into a group and from there do what you need to do, but it’s inelegant compared to the fluid cutting and dicing of the search results that we used to be able to do.

I totally agree! I use that feature to deduplicate results from systematic reviews. Now, EndNote is useless for that.


Totally agree!

I did use this option to temporarily create a subset of references to perform bulk actions on it. For example use the “Change / Move / copy Fields” option to add in the Label field the name of the database where I searched for the x references (e.g. 25 references from Pubmed, 25 references from another database, etc.). It helps to keep track of the search strategies in the process of systematic reviews.

Now the only way I found with EndNote 20 is to select the references and use the option “Add references to … Create Custom Group”. Then work on the desired references and then remove the group. Not very practical!

Please bring back the Show/hide selected references. It is the best way to perform actions on desired references without modifying all the references in the library.



In the update 20.1:

- The “Search Showing” option is still not back. Please bring back this important option.


This feature has always been critical in my work! Can’t believe it’s gone. I sincerely hope they bring it back. 

Show/hide selected results is CRITICAL to my work. Please bring it back.