X8.1 still 32 bit?

I just noticed that Endnote X8.1 is still 32 bit. Since High Sierra with APFS is soon to be released, shouldn’t EndNote move to 64 bit?

At present, EndNote X8.x is a 32-bit application. Thank you for your product suggestion in regards to future compatibility for macOS 10.13. I have added this to our Product Suggestions area of the Forum so this can be viewed by the parties who make decisions about the future development of EndNote.

Thanks very much, Jason. I think this is fairly urgent. Note that the MacOS will no longer support 32-bit apps in January of 2018.

Are you implying us not upgrade to High Sierra 10.13?

Now this problem became really urgent because of their slow response. 

I’m reluctant to upgrade to 10.13 - I remember one version in the past took over 12 months to get my endnote / word system fully workng again (including word plugins) and I ended up moving to Mendely.

indeed my EndNote stopped working correctly once I upgraded to macOS High Sierra 10.13.4

Endnote slow reactivity to comply with changes announced years in advance is endemic

bye bye endnote I am switching after years of use and I won’t come back


I believe that would be in Win7. In Win8 there’s no “All users” directory. I did a search and found it under
C:\ProgramData\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8