Viewing ReferenceID in myendnoteweb

Is there a way to see a record’s referenceID in Endnote online? At work I use endnote desktop, in which the ReferenceID is readily visible, but at home use Endnote online, (which is synced with the desktop) but the ReferenceID is not visible. (I like to enter the ReferenceID, etc., directly into documents rather than using CWYW)

In EndNote online you cannot see the desktop Record Numbers.

If you would like to see this feature in a future version of EndNote, You may want to submit a request for a product enhancement on our website.

But you can copy the Record Numbers to the label field and keep track of them that way in the online synced version.  This is explained in the Little book 

 Little How-to Book

Not a manual and not a guided tour, this is a little book of instructions for specific tasks that we thought may be useful:

Little EndNote How-to Book

This booklet includes information on:

  • Using Direct Export from online databases
  • Importing PDF files
  • Migrating from Reference Manager to EndNote
  • Using Cite While You Write on either Windows or Mac

…and more!

To download, please click this link.  (X8 version) (X7 version)

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Wow, tres cool! Storing reference ID in ‘label’ was easy and I verified that it was visible in EndNoteWeb. I’m looking forward to learning more endnote hacks from your little booklet.