Bibliography style like this: URL:


I have to cite online sources in the following way:

Web Page

Author. (Year), Title, url : URL, [Access Date = Datum der Recherche].

It could look like this:

Reuters. (2011), Endnote, URL:, [Access Date = 06/16/2011].

As you can see I’d like to have the term URL in capital letters, not in lower case, like I have at the moment. However if I write URL in capital letters, it is recognized as a field and the output is the following:

Reuters. (2011), Endnote,, [Access Date = 06/16/2011].

Any ideas how I could get my desired result?

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What output style are you using?  Assuming that the format follows the style guidelines for your discipline or publication:

  1. Enter the info in the reference type’s URL field as:

EndNote, URL:

Note: The underlining can be removed in MS Word by modifying the Styles template.

  1. Enter the date info in the reference type’s Access Date field as:

[Access Date = 06/16/2011]

You just need to add a ` character in front of the the URL word that you want to remain as text and not be replaced by the field itself. 

Awesome! Thank you for the hint. URL: in ``works great:

Author. (Year), Title, URL: URL, [Access Date = Datum der Recherche].