Weird problem. Endnote just moved all of my citations down one footnote

I just upgraded to Endnote 5x and Word 2011 in December. I was writing yesterday and adding a few new footnotes and citations–pleased with how well the new Endnote and Word were working together.  However, when I came back to it this morning, I realized that Endnote had shifted all of my citations down one footnote starting from footnote 10 (the last one I was working on last night).  So the reference that should appear in footnote 12 appears in footnote 13.  In fact if I had two different group of citation in a footnote (ie a citation then a bit of prose outside Endnote formatting in the footnote then a second group of citations) it moved the citation down one in order. So that what would appear before the prose in footnote 14 now appears after the prose and what would appear after the prose now appears at the beginning of footnote 15. 

Any ideas on how this happened? And more importantly how I reverse it?

Very weird and it makes the paper completely unusable until I fix it.

I forgot to say. I’m working on Lion Mac OS 10.7

I assume you have tried unformating to see if the underlying endnote citations are correct or if the document has been corrupted?  If the endnote termporary citations are in the right place, and shift upon reformatting to fields, then I would look at them carefully to see if there is some funny character that endnote is interpretting incorrectly (and post back your findings). 

If corrupted, I highly recommend you contact tech support (I would phone in the first instance) as they probably have the correct tools to restore the correct association. 

Hello… I’m sorry to hear you’re having this trouble with EndNote! Reference shifting sometimes can happen with damaged documents.  We have an FAQ about this here, though it refers to the more common shifting “up” rather than “down” like yours:

Still, we do have a similar tool that can help with shifting “down,” so I would recommend contacting us directly here:

We should be able to get you back on track in no time. Happy New Year!

I had a similar problem, and I think it began when I used the & symbol between page numbers in a page citation. As in: p. X & Y. I’m not sure, though. Currently, I’m trying to recover shifted citations. They all shifted down one as the previous post described. I’m using a Mac and recently updated from Endnote 5 to Endnote 7.