EndNote Pulling wrong references in all whole document.

Hi, I’m a user of Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 and using EndNote7 (Bld 98). Have been using EndNote to pull references for my thesis. I was double checking my references today and am shocked to realised that my recent draft is pulling all the wrong references e.g. (the place where Record Number:  6698  is now pulling out   Record No. 6525, hence, totally different author and references). The whole document has the wrong references now. I really need some help here as I’m due to passup the thesis and am really short of time.

Can someone pls assist me on this or give me some clues on how to resolve the issue. Any help is much appreciated.

I am assuming they are shifted and not scrambled.  (and I answered your other list with some of this info too). 


This part covers EN7:

With EndNote 8 and earlier, shifting can occur if you have two citations or groups of consecutive citations in a document that have already been formatted, and you remove the text between the citations or groups of citations to join them together. To avoid this problem in the future, be sure to unformat the citations before trying to group them together.

Partial Workaround: Once a document is unformatted, if the citations are still shifted in a portion, you can use the following steps to shift the affected the citations back.
Note: Word 2008 for Mac does not have the ability to run the macros below, so a different version of Word must be used to follow these steps.

  1. Use this FAQ to clean up the field codes, make sure that the Temp Citation Delimiters are set to {}
  2. Copy just the part of the document where the citations have shifted, so if the first 20 citations are fine, and 21 is where the shifting starts, copy 21 to the end of the document.
  3. Download this word document here. Paste the text into this file.
  4. In Word 2007, Go to the View tab, choose “Macros” and select “View Macros.” Select “CorrectShfted” and choose "Run."
    In all other versions of Word, Go to “Tools > Macros and choose “Macros” from the submenu. Select “CorrectShfted” and choose “Run.”
  5. Once this is run, the first citation will be replaced with " REINSERT THIS CITATION" and you should reinsert that citation. Note the last citation in the document will also be lost, and should be reinserted as well.
  6. When the unformatted portion of this document is fixed, replace the copied text from the original document with the corrected text.

HI Leanne, thanks for your speedy response. Yes, the references shifted but randomly.

Unfortunately I tried out the steps you’ve provided above but it didn’t help. There wasn’t a specific pattern in my case and as I went through realised that some places where in-text references were supposed to be went  missing (i.e., the position where the references are supposed to be became a blank space). Any idea if there’s any other ways of resolving this issue? Any advice?

Well, I have never heard of references being scrambled, only shifted, and I have been monitoring endnote forums/listservs for a really long time.  

 If you unformat them, are they in the right place? If so it should be easy to fix and I could look at the document. 

If not… I suggest you contact tech support and they might be able to help fix it.   Is there an older version where they are correct? unformatting both versions, cleaning up the fields and then comparing them, rejecting the change to get the correct ref and accepting the other changes could be used restore the document and correct references.  

I also suggest you upgrade, as the new versions have fixed the bug that allows this to happen, and have many new features.  I stuck with EN 7 for a long time, but finally bit the bullet and haven’t looked back.