some references shifting up one


i am stressed and nearing the end of a thesis.

limited skills with endnote and computers in general.

in melbourne australia, dont know if there is endnote support here

using mac and endnote X7.5.3

I have noticed the references in one part of the thesis have shifted up one. 

how has this happened. it has happened to this section of the document before and i had to manually move things.

Is there an easier way??

thanks for your advice


I would make a copy of the document and update your endnote to X7.7 (from the help ‘check for updates’ or equivalent on the Mac).  –

then see this

if you unformat, are the correct links there? – this is often due to a corruption/deletion of part of the field, or sometimes using an unusual character in the prefix or suffix field of an edited citation (but that was an old version’s bug).  Endnote tech support does have tools to shift them back as noted in the above link.  

If the unformatted ones are in the right place, I would run the clean up document steps on that section in a new file and put the unformatted text back in, and format it there.

support pages provides this contact info for Australia & New Zealand

Crandon Services (NSW) PTY LTD
+61 2 6559 5777