what kind of reference type does "datasheet' belong to?

for example:

LF357’s datasheet is refered in one paper.which item should i choose in the “Reference Type” list?dictionary?i’m not sure…

Notes:LF357 is a Operational Amplifiers monolithic.


any answer is appreciated.

We’re obviously not sure either.  First you need to decide what information would allow someone to obtain a copy of the document and then see if that kind of information fits in and is spit out with the appropriate punctuation.  You might decide to create a Reference type to contain the information, and then create a template in you style that spits it out the way you want it. 

You give us an example of how you think it should look and the style you are likely to use when you quote it, and we might be able to come with something.

it somewhat likes the following:


Some fields should(might?) be included:chip name,manufacturer(or Incorperation),chip description,ordering models,application notes,applications,etc.

i only add several to this new type.


(1)i’ve no idea how the “field id” and “order” are assigned.randomly?only with the requirement of unique number?

(2)i only changed the field caption.it seems that a new database(or output style?) should be established.

thank leanne.

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