What's happening with Endnote this year?

Just wondering what is in store for Endnote this year? I love Endnote but there are so many things I can think of to improve it. Will there be an X8 this year or will the incremental update model continue? I would love in particular to see the UI on Windows get a refresh to make it easier to use. I have a whole bunch of suggestions but I’m sure a lot of them have been brought up before.

As an aside - is the Endnote Google Group still open? I found it mentoined on the Endnote Facebook site but I couldn’t register for it, it told me I didn’t have permission after I clicked join.



Now Mendeley has been bought by Elselvier I hope that now its official competition it will mean EndNote does what you observe

All my colleagues in Psychology have switched to Mendeley

Yeah. I have tried Mendeley and it does a lot of things really well. But in the end o stuck with Endnote because there are a few key features that I prefer. But I would still like to see Endnote development move a bit quicker. I would love to see a complete ui overhaul but it seems unlikely.

The last time they did a major overhaul, it resulted in loss of backward compatibility and a very buggy version - which my institution skipped !  (endnote8)  once bitten, twice shy.  Might as well start with a new product!