When will Endnote allow direct ISBN scans? Zotero has it already!

I  like endnote a lot, but the inability to scan an ISBN number directly into it is a problem. Zotero does it and I quote below what a reader had to say about “ditching” Endnote.

“you can follow Chris’ Strauber’s advice bellow, type the ISBN into your smartphone, send yourself and e-mail with it, copy and paste the ISBN to Endnote and search for the ISBN to then import the book to Endnote, or you could switch to a modern reference manager like Zotero and have the choice between two android and one iOS app that will do this for you in one click. Just one more in your growing list of reasons to ditch Endnote ;-).”

When will you add scanner support! I have a library of 1000s of volumes and I don’t want to enter each by hand or go through the tedious process of doing the same through WorldCat.

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Totally, totally agree!