Use the ISBN number to create a new reference


I would like to know if it’s possible to enter the ISBN number of a book and then get all the information of the book. I could not find where I can put this number.

Thanks in advance


You could use EndNote’s Library of Congress connection file to query the ISBN’s related to the books you’d like to add to your EndNote library.  The following training video touches upon searching remote databases from within EndNote:

Please let me know if this works for you.

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I tried to do it as you instructed it but it does not work. (Error Message: No matching references found.)

Title: Genomics of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria

ISBN-10: 940072919

ISBN:13: 978-9400729193

If you search the ISBN numbers on Amazon you get the right book.

Any idea?

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Axel Fischer

I have the exact same issue.  Neither the desktop client nor the web system seem to work.  


I would like to bring up this topic again as I have the same problem. I have a list of books I would like to import (which I can do) but I would like to update and fill in the other information automatically.

When doing “Find reference update” it says “all are up to date”. Please help, I don’t want to add all the information by hand.

Edit: Using EndNote X8



Greetings Roxane,

I would recommend either searching EndNote’s Library of Congress connection file, mentioned above, or searching Google Scholar from a web browser, then direct exporting references to your EndNote library:

Please let me know if this works for you.

Hi Jimmy,

importing from Google Books etc is working fine. I ws just hoping to find a way that EndNote will update the information based on the ISBN imported from an excel sheet.

Until then I will use the saved import file,


Same problem – and still  miss the point. I have over two thousand records to create. I have the complete list of isbns, which I can parse to whatever format EndNote (or its competitors) will read. But I DO NOT want to search for each and every book, one at a time, on OCLC, LC, Google Books, or anywhere else.   

ProCite used to do this. ProCite also read an existing bibliography and created a  record for each entry. In 2013, in a backroom deal with Thompson-Reuters, EndNote bought (and discontinued) ProCite, so EndNote owns that code. Failure to implement that code, after many, mahy requests beginning that very year, , is simply yet another example of anti-competative practice.

If, by 2021, EndNote STILL has not updated/added this basic functionality – essential to every graduate student, faculty member, librarian, researcher, and used bookseller in the entire world – it is useless to me. I have bibliographies comprising HUNDREDS of entries. I have inventories comprising THOUSANDS of entries.  If EndNote cannot do the obvious,  it’s faster for me to write code that can. In which case, why subscribe to EndNote?