Where does Endnote store temporary data files? Groups and pdfs 'lost' after Windows crash

I have been working for two weeks on a library, doing multiple changes to references eg cut and pasting translations of non-english abstracts into the reference; changing titles and authors; adding pdfs where none had been found.

I have not set up sync nor any autosave, but it was saving the reference changes. It was saving the pdfs, and I was closing a reference and coming back to it and the pdf was there. I have shut down Endnote and reopened it once, without a formal save as such, but definitely have shut it and reopened it the next day and all had been saved and was exactly as I had left it.

Last night Windows crashed on me, and now the only copy I can find of my library is from when I first imported the references. There is no other version saved by Windows/ shadow copy etc. 

So where did Endnote save the changes it saw as ‘temporary’ which it has now lost? It obviously wrote the data file changes somewhere, as it reopened showing me them the prior time? So where would they have been saved, if they were ‘temporary’ and not saved to the actual library file?

This constitutes 2 weeks work, on hundreds of references. I do not have time to redo the work before I must handin the completed findings. Please help!!!

It is usually updating the database live.  There is no “temporary” version, in my experience, which is why it is important not to use cloud storage, as if interrupted connections, things can get corrupted.  The .DATA folder should have all of the edits and files.  The .enl file is just a pointer and doesn’t really contain much information.  In fact you can open the database folder by creating an empty .enl file with a text editor.