White block obscuring pdf

Hi All,

I have had a bit of a search for this in the forums and haven’t come across it but I could just be using the wrong search terms.

I am experiencing a problem when I am reading my pdfs in Endnote.  This only occurs on large multipage pdfs (70+ pages) but it is vary frustrating.  A white block appears in the preview window and then proceeds to creep across the screen.  This happens no matter whether I when I click directly too a page or I scroll to these pages.  As I go though the document this white block moves up and down across the screen.  There are times when I can just work around it but other times I covers a large portion of the window making it impossible to read or view maps.  If I have enough pages in the document it blanks out the whole window and for the remainder of the document I can not read or annotate anything.

This is beyond frustrating.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and found a solution?  Or should I get in contact with the support team and see if they can solve it?

I am using Endnote 6.0.2 on a Mac 10.9.4