Why is nobody removing spam posts?

When searching for a topic, there is an enormous number of spam posts in the results.

I have just been flagging one after another, thinking I was helping, but was then stopped by an error which said I’d reached a limit, and that I should try again in 23 hours. LOL.

Why doesn’t somebody remove them? They’re not hard to find.

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A lot seem to be appearing recently. I have also been flagging them. Though I haven’t hit the limit for flagging them! It is a silly limit to have.

It’s not just recently. The ones I flagged, and then ones that I couldn’t flag because I’d done it too many times were from 2018, 2019, 2020.

I’ve been flagging spam since the new forum was introduced and they haven’t reappeared so far, so at least this works. But you’re right, lots of spam have been migrated from the old forum. retroactively flagging the whole thing will take very .long.

Removing limits for users trying to do the right thing would help.

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