Why when I open a word document in which I used Endnote, it appears as I would did changes?

Hello everyone!. When I open a Word document in which I used Endnote there are changes as VBA-Field.Add, and VBA-Field.Delete, It doesn’t affect Word content but it’s a little confusing when I try to close the Word document, and it ask me to save the changes. Does anybody know how to change this fact?

If someone can help me I would appreciate it.

You may have turned on the Word feature Track Changes in the document.

You could try going to the Review tab in Word and turn Track Changes off.

You might want to consult the Word help for more information about Track Changes feature.

Thank you TMartin!

I just tried to turn off the Endnote instant formatting in Word. This was an option but the properties of the citation were disabled and I couldn’t use Endnote, so I turned off only the box about check the citation changes, at the option configuring the instant formatting. That was the solution that I took.