Why won't my citations format when I hit Format Bibliography?

I have an iMac (with Leopard) and am using EndNote X1. The system moves to an unformatted citation and shows me the reference from the library.

Could the reason be that the document went back and forth between a PC user (who did not change citations or the library) and me? Thanks.

Do I have to re-create a new library, delete all the old citations, and put them back in? In a 200-page document, I dread having to do this. 

You are going to need to be clearer on your problem.  but my first advice is always “Have you tried (after first making a copy) select all, and unformating (NOT UNLINKING) all the references, then reformating, making sure to re-engage the CWYW settings in the document.” 

As a suggestion, I always unformat the references before sharing a  document with a colleague, particularly if they are on a different version of word and/or a different platform, just to make sure nothing gets corrupted.  It also makes the document size smaller and more manageable. 

Thank you, Leanne for your good ideas. 

Can you  briefly explain what is meant by exporting traveling library and how to do it? Appreciate any advice.


Exporting a traveling library is only of use if you want the references that someone else has placed in a manuscript.  The exported library is next to useless for an existing paper.  The references you insert are embedded in the paper in hidden fields.  You can retrieve those from the “traveling library” a temporary file that contains the information needed to reformat the paper.  Since this information is embedded in the paper, your Endnote colleagues in theory don’t need your library to add references and have them continue have all the references formatted.  In practice, I find this more trouble that it is worth on most occasions. 

but if you want those papers in your library, you can export the references in the paper.  I recommend you do that into a new library, and to import that new library, discarding duplicates, into your main library.  – but the record numbers will not be recognized by that manuscript.  It will still rely on the embedded records for the information, as the record numbers to your library won’t match.